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the controls feels very nice and i like the rope mechanic, maybe u can ajdust the camera settings to follow the player smoothly.

Good work!

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  • Controls were really fluid and felt awesome
  • Sprites felt too small to notice the detail in them which I felt was a plus point for this game
  • I liked the variety of enemies and AI in general
  • Game might feel too easy with both double jump and infinite grapple for regular platformers;
  • Definitely needs some work on physics
  • I managed to get myself stuck in a corner with grapple gun in the boss fight;
  • At places, I could shoot through the walls.
  • Bullets could use a better sprite to make them more visible against background
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I like the shooting, feels good.

Framerates dropped a lot on the second level and became hard to play. I like the variety of enemies. 

Would like feedback on my submission:


  • Controls feel good
  • Shooting feels punchy and satisfying
  • Tutorial at the start is nice
  • Vertical mobility is very fun


  • When shooting rope gun, it will sometimes pull you towards the target point and then drop you before you get there
  • Would be nice if there was a way to drop from the rope instead of jumping off
  • Melee enemies over-travel when patrolling ledges


Just needs a bit of polish across art, sound, and physics to be a very fun platformer with lots of verticality.